Fiona Steil-Antoni

Fiona Steil-Antoni



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Fiona Steil-Antoni has been playing chess since the age of 9. She has represented her country Luxembourg in ten Olympiads as well as in numerous other international competitions. She holds the WIM title and won the individual gold medal on board two at the 2006 Women’s Chess Olympiad in Turin.

In 2014, Steil-Antoni took her first steps in the world of chess coverage. Since graduating from London Metropolitan University with a degree in Events Management in 2015, she has been working in chess full-time.

Fiona Steil-Antoni

Steil-Antoni has held roles as a commentator, press officer, interviewer and within social media at some of the world’s most prestigious events, such as Tata Steel Chess, Isle of Man International, Gibraltar Masters and Norway Chess among others.

She is also a partnered Twitch streamer and a Chessable author.


  • Chess Title: International Women’s Master (WIM) since 2010.
  • Chess Successes: Multiple times Luxembourg Champion and National Player.
  • Academic Title: Completed a Master’s degree in Event Management at London Metropolitan University.
  • Commentator: Since early 2016 for chess24/, also for various world-class tournaments.
  • Streaming: “Fionchetta” is a Twitch partner and runs a YouTube channel.
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