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Sebastian Siebrecht has fascinated more than 100,000 children with chess, and the number is growing each year. With his “Fascination Chess”, the grandmaster is Germany’s best chess ambassador. Siebrecht has been visiting shopping centers across Germany since 2012, where he infects young and old alike with his enthusiasm for the royal game. The German Chess Federation has awarded him its highest honor, the “German Chess Prize”.

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“Grandmaster” has a double meaning in Siebrecht’s case. He was awarded the title of GM by the World Chess Federation in 2008. 2.02 meters tall, he also looks down on most people from a grand height. In his youth, Siebrecht was a member of the NRW youth basketball team, but his greater passion is chess.

Siebrecht has made it his profession, not even as a player. Organizer, moderator, speaker, simultaneous player, coach – the list of his chess-related activities is long. Since 2017, he has been Tournament Director of the Open International Bavarian Championship at Tegernsee, one of the largest open tournaments in Europe. In 2023, the 50-year-old helped organize and oversee the world-class WR Chess Masters tournament in Düsseldorf as Tournament Director.

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He will meet some of the Düsseldorf participants – Keymer, Aronian, Abdusattorov, Gukesh – again a year later at the Baltic Sea at the WEISSENHAUS Freestyle G.O.A.T. Challenge. Sebastian Siebrecht is also familiar with Schach960 as a player. In 2010, he won a Schach960 Open in the secret German chess capital of Baden-Baden. Siebrecht left 57 players behind him, including five grandmasters.


  • GM and IM: In 1996, Siebrecht became an International Master, and in 2008, he became a Grandmaster, the first from the city of Essen.
  • State Champion: Siebrecht won the North Rhine-Westphalia Championship four times (1994, 1995, 1997, 2000)
  • Coach: As a coach, Siebrecht accompanied the Swiss women’s national team to the 2012 Chess Olympiad in Istanbul.
  • Man of many talents: Siebrecht works as a commentator, presenter, organizer, speaker, analyst, and is committed to primary school chess projects.
  • Ambassador of the game: With his “Fascination Chess”, Siebrecht has inspired more than 100,000 children in Germany for chess.
  • Awards: “German Chess Teacher of the Year” (2015), Honorary Pin of the NRW Chess Federation (2018), Lasker Culture Prize (2019), German Chess Prize (2021).
  • Organizer: Since 2017, Siebrecht has been the tournament director of the Open International Bavarian Championship (OIBM) at Tegernsee. In 2023, he was the tournament director of the world-class tournament “WR Chess Masters” in Düsseldorf.
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